Striiv Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

Striiv Personal Trainer

Is the Striiv Personal Trainer Worth the Price?

If you are looking for a pedometer, then you might find that the Striiv Personal Trainer is more than you are looking for. But, if you are looking for a device that will help you to track all of your daily activity, keep track of it for you, and provide you with motivational help along the line, then this is it. Especially if you are someone who loves high tech devices, then this is a trainer/pedometer that you will always want to have in your pocket.

What Is the Striiv Personal Trainer?

In many ways, the Striiv Personal Trainer is more like a smart phone than it is a pedometer. It has a unique screen that shows you a variety of information on all of your daily activity. You can use the energy that you expend to play a game and rack up awards for your workouts, or you can even use your energy to donate to your chosen charity. This is easy to use and within seconds, you can be racking up points and steps.

How Does It Work?

This is extremely slim and lightweight and will work whether you put it in your pocket, on your belt, your arm, or even in your purse. It has a high resolution two inch touch screen display that shows your steps, the distance you have gone, the calories you have burned, and even how many stairs you have climbed.

Studies also show that people who use the Striiv Personal Trainer tend to walk about an hour a day, which is over double the national average. This certainly attests to its incredible motivational value.

What Are People Saying About the Striiv Personal Trainer?

The fact that this is more of a personal trainer and motivator than it is a simple pedometer makes it more than worth the expense. Yes, it is on the pricey side, but it costs about the same amount as one hour with a personal trainer, and you will have this one by your side all day, every day.

“This product has done a great job of tapping into short term goal setting and rewarding the desire for immediate gratification.”
–       Sue,

If your only experience with a pedometer is an old fashioned, non-electronic one, then you won’t believe what a huge difference the Striiv Personal Trainer will make for you.

“Striiv really has something for everyone. If you need motivation to get up and exercise, then this is for you.”
–       Lori,

Where Should You Buy It?

If you have been looking for the Striiv Personal Trainer at your local sporting goods store or your pharmacy, chances are that you won’t find it. This is one of the few pedometers that are more high tech than they are mechanical and so you will find that you can only find this sold online. The good news is that it is affordably priced online and you will get the full warranty when you buy it. Also, in many cases you can buy this online without having to pay sales tax, which will save you even more money.

Is This the Right Product For You?

If you are looking for something that is more than a device that helps you to count your steps, then this is it. Most people who try this find that getting fit and losing weight is simply a breeze since it is so motivational. With all of these tools at your hand and the fun motivational game that you can play as you are getting fit, there is almost no way that you won’t be able to use the Striiv Personal Trainer to get in the best shape of your life.

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