Why Is the Timex Women’s T5H471 Ironman Triathlon Watch So Popular?

Timex Women’s T5H471 Ironman Triathlon reviews

If you have been in the market for a new watch, either for working out, or just for your active lifestyle, then you may want to take a look at the Timex Women’s T5H471 Ironman Triathlon Watch. Even though this is an Ironman watch, it is different in many ways and will definitely catch the eye of any woman who likes the color pink.

Timex Women’s T5H471 Ironman Triathlon Watch Reviews 2019

This is in many ways very similar to the Ironman watch that you may already know, but it has a different kind of band and accents that are a subtle shade of pink. It is the smaller size for a woman’s wrist and because of its unique styling, you will have no problem wearing this for work, for going out, or for when you are working out or racing.

How Does It Work?

The Timex Women’s T5H471 Ironman Triathlon Watch has a 35mm case with a mineral crystal and Quartz movement. It has a digital face with large numbers for the time, and four buttons that will help you to program it.

The one aspect of this watch that will really get anyone’s attention is the pink strap. It is made of a thick fabric and secured with Velcro, so if you are prone to sweating, your watch won’t stick to your arm. It weighs just 3.2 ounces, has a full alarm feature, lap counter, is water resistant, and shows the day, date, and month at all times.

What Are Users Saying About the Timex Women’s T5H471 Ironman Triathlon Watch?

When you read the reviews for this watch, you will see that a lot of women who regularly workout tend to wear this watch because it is so easy to put on and take off. Also, it never sticks to your arm like other watches do, and you can even throw it in the washer to wash the band.

“This is a great watch and by far one of my favorite Ironman watches. It has all of the standard features plus three different alarms and the purple Indiglo is great.”
–       Rachel, Amazon.com

This watch is water resistant to 330 feet, but there are many regular swimmers who wear this watch in the water, day in and day out, for their workouts, with no problems at all.

“My wife loves this watch. It is easy to read and is pretty dummy-proof as far as setting it goes. The band is also very comfortable.”
–       Chad, Amazon.com

Timex Women’s T5H471 Ironman Triathlon Buying Guide

The normal retail price for this watch is $50, but when you go online, you will see that you can get it for around 37% off that price, which will bring the price down to $31.23. It is actually hard to find this watch in some retail stores, in part because it is such a popular model and so different from so many of the other Ironman models that Timex makes. So, if you are interested in this model, you might want to buy it online.

Is This the Right Product For You?

The Timex Women’s T5H471 Ironman Triathlon Watch is one of this company’s most popular watches and if you are interested in buying it, then you will probably want to buy it online. It is comfortable, designed to fit any wrist perfectly because of its cloth and Velcro wrist band, and if you are active, then you probably already know that this has all of the Ironman features that you would want for timing your activities or just reading the date and time.

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