Is the Timex Women’s T5K020 Ironman Triathlon Worth the Price?

Timex Women’s T5K020 Ironman Triathlon

There are a lot of watches on the market that are designed for active women, but if there is one that is perhaps worn by more active women than any other, it would be the Timex Women’s T5K020 Ironman Triathlon. This is ideal for women who walk, run, or cycle, but also for women who swim, do triathletes, or are just active and want a watch that really does a lot and looks good, too.

What Is the Timex Women’s T5K020 Ironman Triathlon?

This is a woman’s watch, and as such the diameter is 36 millimeter, and the case thickness is 12 millimeters. The band width is 12 millimeters and is made of grey resin. The bezel is grey plastic and it has a mineral dial window which is designed to not leak. It is water resistant to 330 feet and because this is one of the “Ironman” line of watches, you can rest assured that you can do a lot of laps in the pool with this watch on your wrist.

How Does It Work?

There are a lot of features on the Timex Women’s T5K020 Ironman Triathlon that will be attractive to any active woman, including a full range of stop watch functions, lap counters, and of course an alarm, day and date feature, and more. It has an Indiglo light so you can always see the face of the watch when you are working out and the numbers are large enough for you to see at a glance when you are on the move.

There is also a “Start/Split” button the front which is useful if you are timing your laps, and the grey band and case are highlighted with a violet color.

What Are People Saying About the Timex Women’s T5K020 Ironman Triathlon?

If you go to any triathlon, swimming event, or road race, you will see a lot of women with this watch on. It is extremely popular, in part because it is both sturdy and easy to use, and if you do happen to lose it or wear it out, it is cheap enough to replace.

“I love this watch. It has all of the features that I want and it doesn’t leak. It has a nice feminine color, but not girly.”
–       Robin,

Because this is a light grey and not black like many of the men’s models, you will find that this is much better looking on your wrist and you can wear it for other times and not just when you are working out.

“I have had this watch for at least two years and I like it a lot. I like the Indiglo nightlight because I am in the dark a lot and it really helps.”
–       Anna,

Where Should You Buy It?

The basic price for this watch is just a hair under $50, but you should never have to pay that much for it. In fact, you can get it for around 43% off of that price if you buy it online, which means that you will pay around $28.44 for it. What makes this an even better deal is the fact that this is a very sturdy watch and one that will last for years’ worth of swimming, running, and cycling.

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